Thursday, September 25, 2014

Send me quick lunch ideas!

Fun being missionaries with Sis Heaps

It sounds like you had a really fun week!!!  I loved the pictures of Heidi and the other young women at the beach.  They were really funny.   I also got your letter.  It was really well timed.  I had been feeling a little down that day, not to bad, but down.  I was just wondering why I was even out here if no one wants to listen to what I had to say, but then I got your letter saying you were glad I was on a mission and that brought me right up.   I truly love being a missionary!  It is really hard sometimes, but when you look back on it all, only the good things stand out and the good always overshadows the bad.

In an effort to be more bold, we have decided to take a different apostle every day leading up to general conference and try to be more like them.  It has been really fun and I have really enjoyed studying the different apostles.

Monday was nice, very low key.  I managed to knock out 4 letters in an hour, just enough time before having to go out for the day.  We did a lot of tracting and were able to meet a less active family, so it was good.

On Tuesday we met with one of our new investigators that we had tracted into the week before.  She is from Korea and attends a Korean baptist church. I didn't know those existed, and I am not quite sure what they believe, but the lesson went well.  In response to the story of Joseph Smith she said, "I have never heard that before".  She seemed very interested in it, and we are working on getting her a Korean Book of Mormon.  Only problem, her mom came in from Korea this week and is staying for a month so we won't be able to teach her again until after she is gone.  We then did a lot of tracting and member visits before having a delicious dinner of a quesadilla. 

I am pretty sure that the majority of my diet right now consists of peanut butter and jelly, quesadillas, and oatmeal.  So again, any other suggestions for on the go lunch is appreciated.  After dinner we were going to have a family home evening with one of our investigators, but she forgot.  It is really hard with her because she is 14 and often has her phone taken away, so we have a very hard time getting a hold of her.  But we had FHE with Sister Guzman after, so that was good.  We had another appointment after, but she had to cancel too.  However, we did get in to see a less active we have been trying to see for a few weeks now, and it went really well.  Her husband is super nice and friendly, her 5 year old daughter was cute, but she was a little stand offish. Understandable.  People get nervous around the missionaries.

Wednesday was a rainy day.  Luckily it waited to start until after we had finished cleaning all the paddocks.  We were getting ready to leave the horse ranch when the rain started.  Sister Goodrich and I decided to skip in the rain back to our cars. I am pretty sure our companions and the elders thought we were a little crazy, but hay (get the horse joke?), we have to have a little fun too!  We then had lunch and companion study with Sister Goodrich and Sister Tofa.  Sister Heaps is the Sister Training Leader so we get to do all sorts of stuff like do companionship study and go on exchanges with other sisters.  We then went out tracting. I discovered that unless I want to have wet feet all day, I can no longer wear my favorite pair of shoes in the rain.  They have holes in the bottom that let the water in and it is not a pleasant experience.  Don't worry though, I do have other shoes.  I just have to be careful which ones I wear in the rain.  We also had a dinner mix up on Wednesday.  We were supposed to meet a member at a restaurant, but we each went to different ones!  Felt bad about that, but it worked out.  

Thursday was a lot of weekly planning.  We were running out the door at 4:45 to make it to dinner on time.  We had a great dinner with a Mexican (like straight from Mexico) family.  Those were good enchiladas.  Then we tried to meet some less active members and went tracting in the rain.  I have come to the decision that I like tracting in the rain better than the heat.  Either way you are wet, but at least when it is rain it is refreshing and not sticky and gross.  

On Friday we had district meeting and it was really good.  We have been focusing a lot of family history this month and the Spirit was really strong as we were talking about it.  Family History is so important!!!  We need to save ourselves and our dead, for we cannot be saved without them.  After district meeting we ate lunch with an investigator and her friend.  They are both strong in the Methodist faith and though they may not be ready right this moment to accept the gospel, they are eager to learn. We taught the Plan of Salvation and at the end we invited the friend to read the Book of Mormon. We discovered that she already had one, a friend had given it to her in high school. Sensing that I knew who had given it to her, I asked, it was a member of the Rascon family. I have met many people who have come in contact with the church through this wonderful family who have since left the Woodlands.  I am grateful that the Rascons have left such a positive impact on the people here in The Woodlands.  The friend said this might be a sign that she should finally take the time to read it. I pray she will!  

We then went out to tract and meet some of the members of our ward that we don't really know (there are still lots).  We had a lakeside dinner of PB & J, then we went home to await our ride to go to Conroe for exchanges.  I got to switch companions for the next 24 hours with Sister Andersen.

Sis Anderson with me
Saturday was great.  I learned a lot about Sister Andersen that I didn't know before.  She is usually very quiet, but I learned that her family owns a hunting guide business in Idaho and that she led the bear hunts.  I asked her if she had shot a bear before and she said yes, and they made it into a rug and it is hanging in her room at home.  I found it pretty impressive!  Throughout the day we went tracting, met great new strangers, visited a member and shared a special message that is just what she needed, and had a great dinner appointment.  They served us salmon, and because I am a missionary I ate it.  They had a mango pineapple salsa to go with it, so it actually tasted good.  I am not a fan of the texture though, so no salmon when I return home.  

We then had an appointment with two people we met tracting last week.  We had to cancel the second one though because the member we had lined up canceled and since he is male, we wouldn't be able to go in.  It ended up being alright though.  The member coming with us to our first appointment was late so we would of had to push back everything anyways.  The appointment went great though!  She really seemed to understand what we were saying, and what the Spirit was saying.  When the member we brought with us bore her testimony on the Book of Mormon, in Spanish, even though I didn't know what she was saying, our investigator did (she also speaks Spanish).  Tears just welled up in her eyes and I knew that she was touched.  I have such great hopes for her!  We then raced home to exchange back.

Sunday was great.  We found out that the stake is splitting and we are now going to be in The Woodlands Stake. It is going to be interesting how it all plays out, but no ward boundaries are being changed, so I don't think it is going to make a huge difference. Missionary wise, the zone will change and the districts will probably be rearranged, but it wont be too big a difference.  Relief Society was great. One of the counselors in the presidency taught and I have been looking forward to hearing her teach ever since I got here.  She is hilarious!!  She is from England, a convert, and she served a mission.  Just the way way she talks, the words she uses, and the way she is so expressive with her whole body as she teaches makes for a very interesting, spiritual, and entertaining lesson.  

After church we just had time to eat a quick dinner before we drove to Cypress for a special mission president fireside that the mission is putting on in a different location every month.  It involves a missionary choir, special musical numbers, recent convert testimonies, and the mission president and his wife speak.  We went early so we could be in the choir.  It was such a great experience!!!!  The Spirit was just so strong.  I felt it as we sang the different songs and listened to the musical numbers.  I want to preform in one, but I don't have anything to play!  Could you look for something I could play?  Something centered on the Savior and that I could learn in a reasonable time.  Please?  I would really appreciate it!    It was a great time and I hope we will be able to go to another one in our area soon.

Being a missionary is the best!  

Have a blessed week!

Sister Hudgens

Monday, September 15, 2014

I Love Being a Missionary

Sisters Heaps & Hudgens
I am glad you got my card!!  I was hoping I timed it right and you would get it on your birthday.  The day before is close enough.  

Last Monday was good.  Not super eventful.  We did the regular P-day stuff and I wrote lots of letters.  My hope is always that the more letters I send out, the more I will get back.  Doesn't always seem to work out that way.  That night we tried by a less active with one of the YSA's in the ward.  We pull up and get out of the car, and a car pulls out of the driveway we are going to visit.  Instead of walking up to it we turn around and walk the other way and as soon as it rounds the corner we turn around, only to find out the person we wanted to see was in the car that just left.  All around awkward.

On Tuesday I had the most intense and awesome personal study of my life.  I began the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon.  My mission president had said in a recent zone conference that whenever someone goes up the mountain in the scriptures, it is like going to the temple.  Read Ether chapter 3 with that thought, and your mind will be blown.  Mine was.  I couldn't wait until companion study to tell Sister Heaps what I learned.  After studies we went to an old people home and joined a group from the ward that was singing.  It was fun.  The place had all these animals all around.  Dogs just wandering around.  It was pretty cool.  We spent the rest of the time until dinner walking around, trying potential investigators and less active members.   Before we went home for the night we dropped off cookies at the apartment of an investigator we hadn't seen for a while.

Wednesday we volunteered at the horse ranch and spent most of the time picking paddocks.  In other words, cleaning out the manure.  That evening we went tracting and found a new investigator named Molly.  She is the sweetest thing!!!!  She is so nice and just looking to strengthen her faith in Christ.  She even offered to make us lunch when we came back on Friday.

On Thursday we volunteered at the Interfaith food bank and then did weekly planning.  We finally got all of the 1st ward stuff out and got it all ready for the elders.  Took a while, but we got it done!  We then went to dinner with one of the recent converts and had the next new member lesson with her. She is a talker, so it went longer than expected, but it was mostly on topic :)
They didn't ride horses in medieval Texas, they rode armadillos

Friday was a super amazing day!  We went to an appointment with a less active we had tracted into a month ago and brought a member with us.  It was amazing.  She had gone through basically everything he had.  Their stories were so similar!  The way they met the missionaries, their falling away, unanswered questions, and reasons for their desire to come back were almost identical.  It was a great appointment and she did most of the talking and we were simply there as guides when he had a deeper question.  It was awesome!!!!!  We then had district meeting and our appointment with Molly.  She is so sweet and so ready to learn.  That was also a great appointment.  Afterwards we went tracting and contacting.  It was a super awesome day. 

Saturday was the ward boating activity, so we figured most of the members wouldn't be home.   As a result we tried by less active members and tracted for most of the day.  We did get in to see one of our investigators though.  She is quite the talker too and I am pretty sure she talked for a hour and a half straight without stopping to take a breath.  It was good though because she expressed how much this church has helped her and her grandson, whom she is caring for.  

We went tracting that night in some apartments trying to contact our 25 people.  The 25th door was golden!!!  This woman opened right up and let us in and was so nice.  Her son was adorable as well.  He offered us something to drink and before we left he gave us a cute little hand puppet he had made for us.  It was the sweetest most adorable thing I have ever seen.  I am so excited to go see her again next Saturday.

Hand puppets
Hand puppets

Sunday was good.  Good talks and great lessons.  One of our investigators even came to church!!  I love it when they do that :)  Our dinner calendar has been a little empty as of late so we had dinner at the church.  I am pretty sure it is because Sister Heaps is gluten-intolerant.  It is fine though.  I am however, getting a little sick of peanut butter and jelly.  Have any lunch on the go suggestions?  

After our dinner we went to Autumn Leaves and then took a girl who is leaving on her mission soon to an appointment with a guy we had tracted into the night before.  It was great!  Bob is so prepared.  He went to the St. Louis temple open house  a few years ago and requested a Book of Mormon.  He was just so open and had lots of questions.  It was a really good appointment.  Afterwards we talked to the girl we took with us for a while about all the things she was worried about going on a mission.  She feels like Satan is hitting her so hard right now and feels farther away from God than she ever has been.  That is what Satan does.  Every time something good in our lives or for our lives or others is about to happen, he tries to tear us down so we won't receive those blessings.  Some times I just want to give him a swift kick, but then I remember he doesn't have a body to kick and I do, so I am at peace.

Today when we came to the computer lab it was full so we switched things around and went grocery shopping first. Sister Heaps convinced me to buy the HEB brand Moopotamia milk, it is the best thing ever. It takes like vanilla ice cream.  I am in love with this milk.  I am sad that we don't have HEB in California because no other milk will ever live up to it.  That is all.

I love being a missionary!!!  It is so amazing!! This church is true!! The gospel is true!!!  The priesthood authority and Christ's original church has been restored to the earth in these latter days!!!!  Do you know what that means???  This is the best news ever!!!  

Sister Hudgens 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Days Are Back!

I thought the flowers were real....then I stepped on one and realized they weren't

Sounds like a crazy couple of weeks on all fronts.  In our mission, if there are two sets of missionaries in the ward, they are not supposed to eat dinner at the same members house at the same time.  I have often heard that when you get a group of missionaries together, they stop being missionaries.  Something I have also learned is that missionaries aren't perfect. They are just regular 18-23 year old people with a big responsibility and each one treats it with a different level of seriousness.  It is important to remember that we are all representatives of Christ, no matter if we have a badge or not.  In our baptismal covenant we promise to take His name upon us and we renew this covenant each week when we partake of the sacrament.  Sometimes we forget we are His representatives, so it is nice to have that weekly reminder.

Anyways, like I mentioned last week, Tuesday was hard.  I felt bad for Sister Heaps because her first experience as my companion was to see me as a wreck. As long as we kept moving and doing though, I was fine.  So we went out to work and worked hard!  We were able to see one of our investigators in first ward.  It was really good.  She hasn't been taught any of the lessons yet, but we have been sharing different scriptures from the Book of Mormon with her on forgiveness.  She kept thanking us over and over today for it and telling us about all of the things that she had been holding in for so many years.  She has had a very hard life and hearing her just express her thanks for helping her feel the relief of forgiveness was amazing.  It is experiences like that that remind me why I am on a mission.  Seeing the gospel affect and change someone's life, it makes up for all of the long hard days when no one wants to hear what you have to say and you feel like no one even cares you traveled all the way to Texas and put your life on hold to bring them the greatest message in the world that will bring them happiness in this life, and eternal happiness in the life to come.  

Ok, rant over, sorry.  Anyway....we didn't have a dinner appointment so we had a fantastic welcome to The Woodlands dinner at Zoe's Kitchen, this nice little Mediterranean place.  We then quickly went back to work and at 7:30 we met with the elders that were now serving in the 1st ward to go over what the heck was going to happen.  It was good, and hopefully I didn't overwhelm them, but it is not like I really had much idea what was going on anyway.  Afterwards we went to the 1st ward mission leader's home.  I love that family so much and I was so sad to not be able to go over there anymore!   I really needed a blessing though so I asked him if he would do it.  It was very much needed and helped give me the peace and direction that I needed.

At the ranch, gettin' dirty

Wednesday we did service at the horse ranch again.  It was pretty fun.  We got to clean horse paddocks and water plants.  What made it fun though is the people we were with.  It is nice to just work outdoors with my fellow missionaries and get some stuff done.  Then we came home, had some lunch and went out again.  We met with one of the members of the ward who went out teaching with the elders a lot to try and get some information on the people they were teaching.  It was good, he also gave us some ideas on where to start in the ward, I think he could tell I was a little overwhelmed.  It was getting better though!  We tried by a lot of less active members, finding them moved or not at home, and knocked on a lot of doors.  We didn't have a dinner again so we had a great dinner at home and went out again!  It was a good day.  Sister Heaps is great, I love her already!

On Thursday we went to help out at a food pantry, just making bags of food for people to take.  Then we did our weekly planning.  It was intense since Sister Heaps is new to the area and we have to figure out what we are going to do now.  It was good though.  We were able to start the long process of separating the records we have, dividing them between 1st and 2nd ward.   We then had dinner with a Chinese family and they made excellent Chinese food, the real kind (sorry Heidi, no orange chicken).  

We then decided to go to the Relief Society activity because it was a meet and greet, and that is exactly what we needed.  We got there a little early, so we decided to knock on the doors leading up to the home it was being held at.  We confused a lot of sisters because they thought the activity was at the house we were knocking at.  They would start coming up to the door as we would leave.  It was kind of funny.  It was a good activity, we were able to meet a lot of the women and answer some questions for a girl that is leaving for the Salt Lake City South mission in a few months.

Friday was district meeting, I always love district meeting.  It leaves me spiritually recharged and able to make it to Sunday.  We studied and discussed Section 138 of the Doctrine and Covenants on the spirit world and family history.  There is a a lot more emphasis on family history going on in the mission and it is great!  I love family history!  There is a lot of temple work to do in our line, so once you get the baptisms done, feel free to send me the cards so I can do the endowments!  After our meeting we went out again.  We walked around and went to visit people who had previously expressed interest in missionaries before.  We did a lot of walking.  Between Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I was actually sore!  It was fun though, just to walk around and talk to people and my companion.  

We ate dinner at a park and then went tracting at these apartments we had never been to before.  We got really excited for a moment because there wasn't a gate to the complex.  That excitement quickly turned to disappointment when we realized the individual buildings had gates.  One was open though so that was a miracle.  We then went with a member to try by some people that the previous missionaries were teaching.  It went well and we got a return appointment with one.  We were about to leave when the member thought to ask one of her friends who lived close by if we could stop by and see her.  We weren't able to, but I thought it was awesome that she had the thought to ask.

We had a jam packed Saturday morning.  I got your package!  I was not expecting it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the note on my door Friday night.  Imagine my surprise when the other sisters in the complex told me that they had received a note that I had a package waiting for me in the office as well.  Dad forgot to put the apartment number on the box.  The apartment office knew that missionaries lived in both apartments, so they put a note on both doors.  I thought it was hilarious.  I thought it was even funnier that Dad but one of his work sweatshirts in the box.  I am not quite sure when he thinks I will use it, but I don't fear the cold right now. It brought a smile to my face though and really lifted me up, as did the letters.  The cards were so cute!  Thank you so much :)  

We tried by a few less active members and tracted before we met with the Relief Society president to see if she knew anyone we needed to pay special attention to.  It was really good, but since she likes to talk, we had to book it to our next appointment.  It was awesome though!  We are teaching a family that the elders were previously teaching.  She is a less active member and he is not a member.  It was a really good lesson though and they seem very committed to reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church, so we will see what happens there.

Sunday was amazing.  One of the best so far.  All of the testimonies were wonderful and so were the lessons.  It was weird to not go to both wards, and it kind of freaked me out a bit.  Didn't know what to do before church.  We actually had time for studies in the morning and to go out tracting a bit.  As we were out walking this kid ran up to us and asked if we would like a drink, holding out two bottles.  It was so sweet!  We thanked him and he ran back to his car and they drove away.  It was only then that we realized he had given us bottles of tea.  The gesture was so sweet though!!  I felt awful just throwing it away, but we had no one to give it to and there was no hesitation in us to obey the Word of Wisdom.  It was the kindest thing though and that little act of love carried me all day.  

After church we tracted a little before going to dinner.  Their daughter was super excited to have someone else that was gluten intolerant at dinner (Sister Heaps is gluten intolerant), since none of her family it.  It was a delicious dinner, made all the better by the fact that it was Fast Sunday.  We then went to Autumn Leaves and sang with the residents.  A member of the ward came and brought his guitar.  He made up a fun little song on the spot without asking the missionaries.  It was a really fun song.  We tracted a little before it got too dark and then visited a member before returning home.  It was a great day.  I am doing so much better now and I am really able to cope with the task that has been set before me.  I am just filled with so much happiness, I have no room to be sad!

Have a happy happy happy week!

Sister Hudgens

This cute little girl drew my picture!  Guess which one is me?
(hint, I have curly hair)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sis Wahlen Goes Home! Enter Sis Heaps!

Put Your Face in the Book of Mormon

Well, I get to email today!  Yay!  It was a good week, but with transfers today I am a mess, but I will get to that later.

Last Monday was good.  I spent most of my P-day making a Restoration puzzle for a lesson with a recent convert.  The lesson went really well, so I was glad.  We also stopped by to see an older lady in our ward.  When we visited she said missionaries hadn't been there in 15 years!!  We were glad we stopped by and we are going to make sure that doesn't happen again.  

We were planning and getting ready for bed when we hear an alarm go off.  It sounds like a car alarm so, we aren't that worried.  It keeps going on so I went outside to make sure it wasn't ours.  Only thing was, it got quieter as I went outside.  I am standing, staring at the parking lot, when a woman from the floor above asks if I can help her because the alarm in her apartment won't turn off.  I told her I would be right back, ran to get Sister Wahlen (got to stay with your companion!), and we went to see if we could help.  I crawled in the air vent and tried to disconnect it, but I couldn't so we ran outside to  see if we could find a maintenance man.  Just as we walked out, we found one!  He came in, put in the code, and the alarm turned off.  Everything was so quiet after!  We then turned our attention to the woman.  She had just moved in and I could tell she was shaken up.  She was a little hard to understand because of a thick Eastern Europe accent, but we talked with her, calmed her down, and got to know her a little bit.  I attribute the whole thing to the Spirit.  I was prompted to go outside where she found me and we were able to go outside just when the maintenance worker was driving by.  It was amazing.

So sad she is going home!  But happy for her
Tuesday we began taking pictures with all of the families that Sister Wahlen loves.  We took many pictures over the course of the week.  We met and talked to lots of families, but weren't able to get into our investigators that day.

On Wednesday we did service at this horse ranch that does therapeutic riding for mentally handicapped kids.  We moved furniture and equipment and cleaned in anticipation of the lessons starting next week.  It was lots of fun!  We went tracting with a member and we met this guy named John.  He saw us and immediately told us to come in, sit down, and gave us some water.  He then told us lots of stories that jumped around a lot and in the middle of all that told us he had been to Temple Square, read the Book of Mormon and found some good revelation in it.  He was a really funny guy though!  It was Sister Wahlen's official 18 month mark, so we went to Sonic before turning in with the Oak Ridge sisters to celebrate.

Thursday morning we helped a service missionary serving from our ward to go through and pack up her things because she is moving.  It was pretty fun.  Missionaries are experts at getting rid of stuff and packing since we move so often!  We got done sooner than the lady she lives with expected, so she took us all to lunch!  It was great, she is so nice.  We then went home and did weekly planning.  It was really heart breaking since we both knew it would be Sister Wahlen's last.  It has been her last everything all week, so that has been hard.  

Friday we had zone meeting and learned about some of the cool changes happening in the mission.  President Mortensen is holding monthly meetings in different parts of the mission each 
The last time The Woodlands 1 and 2 are together!
month, so that will be cool.  Maybe I will bust out my flute again.  Too bad I don't have any music.  I will have to find some.  We tracted and visited people all day and then we came home and switched things up to go on exchanges.  

I was in Conroe all of Saturday with Sister Harrison.  Conroe is very country and mostly opposite of the Woodlands!  In the morning, our appointment fell through, but we walked around the apartment complex and talked to three people and got return appointments with two.  We had some lunch and then got a little lost trying to find our way to our next appointment.  We helped this lady clean her house and then read a little of the Book of Mormon with her.  She fed us some soup around three which is good, because we were so busy the rest of the night that we didn't get time for dinner!  We got lost again and went almost all the back to the Woodlands.  

We tried by someone, but they weren't home, so we went to go see if some one else was home and they were.  We were able to sit on his porch for about an hour talking with him.  Some Jehovah's Witnesses had come around a few weeks before and given him a little booklet, so we went through it with him and explained some things, read to him out of the Bible, and taught him how to pray.  It was awesome!  We then met with another lady and taught her the Restoration and she just soaked it all in and it was great!  She saw exactly why we needed a prophet today and was so glad to hear that there are prophets!  It was great.  We then had to speed back to the church for a lesson, but they never showed up.  So we grabbed my things and made our way back to The Woodlands to switch back. I was so glad to be back.  As good as any exchange is, I am always glad to be back in my own area with my own companion.

Sunday was a little bit crazy.  We have been told that we shouldn't go to both wards because we are stuck in church all day and don't get enough time to go out and do work.  So we went to all of first ward today and second ward sacrament meeting.  First ward was great.  They had a special sacrament meeting all about families and the theme continued through out the day.  It was great.  Second ward was also awesome and some really great things are happening with the members there.  

After we left church we went to a park and did our studies and then went tracting.  The last house we knocked on this lady let us right in and talked to us like she knew us her whole life.  We were afraid we had tracted into a member by accident again.  But no, she wasn't a member.  She was really interested in hearing our message and we have an appointment to see her Tuesday.  We did our usual singing time at Autumn Leaves and then we took pictures with a member family.  That night Sister Wahlen did some more intense packing and we found out that the elders serving in our ward were being transferred.  I am so upset!!  Don't take my elders and my companion from me!  (it got worse, but I am getting to that).

P-Day w/ Elder Blakham, Siste Wahlenm and Elder McKell

I was determined to make Sister Wahlen's last P-day the best, so I organized a P-day potluck, assigning everyone to bring things that started with the letter  "P".  So we had pancakes, pringles, pop, and peach and pina collada popsicals. It was lots of fun to get together as a district.  Too bad we waited so long!  It was lots of fun.  Our dinner appointment canceled, so we decided to have frozen yogurt and french fries for dinner since neither of us was too hungry.  Bad 
P-Day w/ Elders Thomas and Schinn
move, we both felt a little sick later, but nothing too bad.  We then went contacting before an appointment with a member.  We had a little FHE with her and then we went to a recent convert's house so Sister Wahlen could say goodbye.  It was a late night for all!

New Companion Sis Heaps
                              Now today.  Today was hard.  A lady from the ward    came and took us to breakfast at IHOP (good) and then took us to transfers.  Sister Wahlen got all ready to go home (bad) and I found out my new companion   is Sister Heaps (good).  She was in my zone in Klein, so I already know a bit about her. She is going to be really good here.  She is one of the Sister Training Leaders for the zone, so I will be going on exchanges a lot! (not sure if that is good yet).  I also found out that they split the area and now we only cover second ward (bad).  I am so overwhelmed!!!!!!  

There are brand new elders in the first ward, I have a new companion, and the area has split.  I know have to figure what to do about dinners and investigators and who we can work with and who we cannot.  I have already burst into tears twice this morning. poor Sister Heaps, she is getting me when I am a wreck!!!  Everything will be ok, but I am just going to be crazy for a few weeks until we figure out how everything is going to work now. Please please please pray for me!!!!!

Love the crazy, emotionally unstable,

Sister Hudgens