Sunday, February 8, 2015


Bluebell Ice Cream Factory otherwise know as  Heaven to Holly

So I signed up for classes.  It has been a while and it took me forever to figure it out.  But it is done.  Hopefully I will not have to do anything else school related until I get home.  Although someone told me about a cool job she has at BYU and that they are looking for more people.  Also that there seems to be a lot of job openings there, so not to be too worried.

Since it took me a hour to figure out registering, I am sick of the computer, so this email may be short.

Sisters Liljenquist, Jeppson, me and Bates

Monday we went to the Bluebell factory !!!!!!!! 
Bluebell Factory!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome.  All that I dreamed it would be. You would have thought I was at Disneyland to see my face.  We went with the sisters from the Ponderosa ward and Michelle drove us.  I was so happy.  We got to tour the factory (no pictures, sorry) and then we got to eat ice cream.  New favorite flavor is marbled cream cheese brownie.  Sister Liljenquist got two 
 Yummy Ice Cream!
scoops and couldn't finish, so I ate her chocolate peanut butter as well.  Then we went home, finished P-Day activities and went to dinner.  We got our fifteen ITLs and then we went home.

Tuesday was full of family history. We went to service at NAM and while we were sorting I found these super cute shoes.  It was half price shoe day, so they were only $2.50.  Best deal ever.  Then we went to a member's house and she fed us lunch and then we helped her with her family history.  She then told us the family ghost stories. Pretty fun.  We then helped a recent convert find family names so she can go to the temple and then went finding.

Wednesday was crazy.  We brought Kate out with us and went to see Betty.  We read from the Book of Mormon with her and it looks like she has actually been reading from it.  She showed us one of the notebooks she kept when she first joined the church.  It had the most beautiful testimony I have ever seen in it.  It was touching, eloquent, well written, and had the Spirit of a recent convert with a firm conviction to overcome her flaws and inadequacies and become strong and stalwart.  It was beautiful.  I'm like, "Betty!  Where have you been hiding this!?"  We then had lunch at our favorite hole in the wall place, and went to a member's house to make ward mission plans to hand out.  We had a wonderful appointment with one of our investigators.  We taught the Restoration and she seemed to accept the Book of Mormon immediately.  It was great!  We can't wait to meet with her again.

On Thursday we had zone meeting.  Very interesting.  We were instructed on this cool talk President Uchtdorf gave to the new mission presidents and their wives last July, "Fear Not I Am With Thee".  Great inspiration.  Then we had some lunch, made a scripture reading chart for one of our investigators who is nine, and then had an interesting appointment with a professional partier.  He literally gets paid to go to clubs and invite people to come with him.  We then saw a member, had dinner, went finding and went home.

On Friday we weekly planned in the morning and then we had specialized training and interviews in the afternoon.  Back to back meetings, fun stuff.  Learned a lot about working with members and focusing on the temple.  Sister Liljenquist had a half hour interview (with a fifteen minute interruption by Elder Corbridge), and mine was about 5 minutes.  I just don't have  much to say.  We then went on exchanges so that Sister Neidirt and I could go to a baptism in The Woodlands the next day.  We did some finding and had a great dinner with the Mirandas.  We finally found Sister Miranda's records, Sarah got her scripture reading chart, Clara (6) gives the best prayers ever, and Mr.Miranda was the first to accept the invitation to a temple tour.  Good night.  We then visited one of my favorite recent converts and had a great discussion with her and her less active husband.  We are going celestial here!

Dash's Baptism
Saturday we got to go to The Woodlands for Dash's baptism.  It was awesome!!  His whole primary class came, and then all of the kids Nancy teaches came, and Brother Haight asked if I could give my testimony in place of someone giving a talk on the Holy Ghost.  It was so great to see everyone and one of the little girls saw me and practically tackled me.  It is nice to know we are loved.  Nancy and Dash's father both bore a little testimony.  It was great.  I am just waiting for Nancy to say she is going to join the church.  She is basically a member already anyway.  Then we got a  ride home with Chon and her husband.  They were nice enough to take us to lunch.  They just love Sister Neidirt since she was the one that taught Chon the lessons.  After lunch we did family history with some recent converts and then we switched back.  Sister Liljenquist and I went to Michelle's for dinner.  I wasn't hungry, but of course I made room for ice cream.  We went finding and then we finished weekly planning.

Sunday afternoon before church we had the most hilarious appointment of my life.  It started out well enough and she promised to read the Book of Mormon.  It ended with her asking if we dated black boys and trying to hook us up with her son.  Don't know how far she will actually progress.  Church was great. Both of us and the elders bore our testimonies.  Figured it was right since this is my last fast Sunday as a missionary.  After church we had been invited back to a guy we met last week.  He said he would be having a Superbowl party and we were invited to come.  So we go and he is outside with his smoker, cooking his meat with his friends and he sees us.  He looked surprised and we said, "Bet you didn't think we would come back, did you?" He admitted he didn't think we would.  We had a good conversation with him and his friends though, cleared up some misconceptions, and handed out two copies of the Book of Mormon.  They even gave us each a plate of food to go.  It was super delicious.  Then we went to dinner and it was kind of disappointing in comparison.  The guacamole was delicious though!

Well I am doing great, loving being a missionary for these last few weeks, and enjoying being in the service of the Lord down here in the heart of Texas!

Have a blessed week y'all!

Sister Hudgens