Monday, February 23, 2015

Last Letter-- Home I Come!

I really can't believe I am going home either, but I am ready, especially after this week.  I know it is time, and I will move forward, happily looking forward to the next adventure!  Question, will someone take pictures at the airport?  Maybe Denise?  Anyways, hope y'all are feeling better!! That is no fun to hear that y'all have been sick!   What is this all about?  Am I coming home just to take care of all of you?  

This week has been really weird, and I left my planner at home, so this email might be really short.

On Monday we had lots of fun.  We went to this place called Top Golf.  It is this multi leveled place where you shoot golf balls and try to get them into various holes and you get points based on where you get it in.  It was fun.  We sucked the first round, but got better.  Sister Liljenquist won though.  We were then able to hang out at the stake center and have some fun with our missionary friends.  We then had dinner and went to work trying to find.

Tuesday we went church tracting.  Not too scary.  We went to the front offices in the churches and offered to join them in any service projects they have, and left.  The security guards at one of them were very nice.  No, we did not get escorted out, we just talked to them. We then went to NAM to do service and our district forgot to mention that they were all going to come today (they have had family history training) so we missed them and went at a different time.  Little turds.  

We were going to have dinner with a family in the ward, but they were running late so we tracted while we still had light.  One lady answered the door and she was hilarious.  We said who we were and that we were sharing a message about Christ and she said "Jesus?  Oooh girl, I'm married to him!"  Awkward.  Then she told me that I shone with the light of Jesus and that she could see Him smiling through me.  That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!  We then were finally able to have some dinner with the Standleys (much to Sister Liljenquist's delight).  We tried to visit some people and then went home.

Betty with Sis Liljenquist and Me!
Wednesday was crazy.  We saw Betty in the morning and she actually prayed!!  For the first time ever she prayed in front of us.  She told us it would be the shortest prayer ever and it was.  In the prayer she emphasized, "Make sure that the sisters remember to stay in touch!"  Got to love Betty.  Then we saw another less active and went to lunch at our favorite Mexican place for the last time.  We then went to an appointment and they weren't there.  We had dinner with the Mirandas and that was nice.  We then went to join our district in Cypress Creek blitz.  We went knocking and met this super awesome lady who let us in right away and we had a wonderful conversation with her.  It was awesome.

On Thursday we went to the Arboretum and didn't really do much.  We were supposed to help put a tarp up, but they weren't really organized so we did a lot of sitting around.  I sat on a table and just pondered.  I looked at the plants and marveled at their creation and beauty and enjoyed feeling the pleasant warmth of the sun on my legs.  I love the sun. It is so amazing!!  I love it when it is just warm enough to feel it and...well it is hard to describe. I love the sun.  

Then we went home.  We had three appointments for the day and they all canceled.  Awesome.  Sister Liljenquist has been freaking out about not having enough time to pack, so we took the time that is normally devoted to weekly planning and she packed while I updated records and did a little purging of stuff.  Then we had dinner at the Bishop's house and went to our appointment.  We met the member there and the girl we were going to see wasn't there.  We tried someone else and they weren't home either.  Lame.  But we did have a good conversation with Sister Miller, which might have been what that appointment was for anyway.

Friday (thankfully) we had district meeting.  Last one, that's weird.  We talked about the importance of church and keeping the Sabbath day holy.  Don't be alarmed when I think y'all are a bunch of heathens when I get home.  I am told that is natural.   But church really is so amazing!  We get to partake of the sacrament every week!  We are cleansed, every week!  Isn't that so awesome!!  We can have a clean slate and start new and fresh and clean!!  It is awesome!  Church just got a whole lot better.  That happens when you understand it more.  After the meeting we went to lunch with some of the other missionaries, I love these guys.  I'm going to miss them!!  

Then we went to help out a member in the ward.  We moved boxes and helped her organize some stuff so she doesn't have to worry about it when she starts chemo.  We then had a delicious dinner of panzit and lumpia, delicious Filipino food.  We went finding (with no success, that sucked) and then came home sad.  We just felt like there was nothing left for us to do.  So we called one of the zone leaders who is also going home with us. He told us we were in the best position, that we were untouchable. We don't have to worry about anything, because in less than a week, we were gone.  He asked us what is something we have always wanted to do, but hadn't yet.  Sister Liljenquist said she has always wanted to invite someone to learn from the car at a red light.  I said I wanted to get on a soap box and cry repentance on the street corner.  He asked if Sister Liljenquist would do hers and she said yes.  He asked if I would get on a soap box, and I said no.  I said I also have always wanted to use someones dog to go out and talk to people, so I said I would do that.  We made our plans for the next day, a lot more lighthearted.

On Saturday morning, a lady we had taught the first lesson to was moving into another area, so we, along with the elders there helped her unpack her house.  We jumped right into washing dishes, (you would be so proud Mom), me washing, and the elders drying and putting away.  We also got this couch up the stairs, around this circle, and through a succession of small doorways, into her son's room.  The movers said it wouldn't fit, but Elder Misa had more faith and vision than they did, so with lots of prayers, lifting, pushing, tipping, and crawling, we managed it.   We then went home for some lunch, packed a little more, and then went to our appointment with a puppy!  

Some of our new park & puppy friends
We went with Sister Grabau and her cute new puppy to a park that I saw on the way that had potential.  We go and walk past about a dozen teenagers playing sand volleyball.  They see the puppy and ALL of them come over and are like "Ohhh, your dog is so cute!!  What kind of dog is it?"  We crashed John's birthday party.  We ended up talking to this group of teenagers for TWO hours!  Almost all of it was gospel related.  It was awesome, this is a good group of kids.  One day they will meet missionaries again and totally let them in.  We then had dinner with the Ruckers, so fun.  Had a really great chocolate cake.   Then we visited someone else and went home.

Sunday, so many emotions.  Last ward correlation and ward council.  So sad!! So many lasts.  They had us bear our testimonies when all the speakers were done. I love being a missionary!!!!  I have learned so much and I don't want to stop learning!  I guess I have to learn real people stuff now.  Like how to be this spiritually attuned with all of life's distractions.  That sounds hard.  I guess I can do it.  After church we saw a family and Sister Liljenquist was amused by a water bottle full of water and glitter.  We then had dinner with Tammy.  I love her!!!!!  She is so cute!!!  She is the best.  We saw another family and then went home, not even worrying about transfer calls, it was great.  

Well, I guess I will see y'all soon.

Have a blessed week!

Sister Hudgens

And finally,

"I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee:

But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greet the friends by name."
3 John 1:13-14