Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Testimony to You

Well, this is my last week in the mission field.  Kind of crazy to think about.  It still doesn't seem like I am getting on a plane next Wednesday and heading home!  I have learned so much from being a missionary these last 18 months, and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!!!  

I have grown closer to my Savior and really come to understand what He did, who He is, and why He is important.  Not to say I know everything, but I am getting closer!  I am grateful to the people I have met and how they have helped my on my journey, and I hope have been able to help others along the way.  I have been have to bear testimony like never before, so I want to take this opportunity to bear it to all of you! 

I know that Jesus Christ isn't just the Redeemer of the world, but He is MY personal Savior and Advocate with the Father.  The Book of Mormon is true!!!  It is an account of ancient people who knew that Christ would come and taught us to know it too.  There is a power in that book that changes lives and helps us to become better, and better able to meet our God again.  Through the Book of Mormon I have learned more about Christ's Atonement and how to use it, all aspects of it.  Thank you to all of you who have helped me figure this out along the way!

Sister Hudgens